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60 Edelwiess8, Siggiewi58, SGW1827

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Tirq is Sidras, Swieqi, SWQ 3157 More

Windsor Interiors

Windsor Interiors Ltd, Mriehel

The Company initially was founded back in the early fifties by a visionary, Mr. Joseph Galea; where he formed the first company “Windsor Upholstery” at the time a sole trader and saw it through its humble beginnings but that turned into a success and...More


Homemate Co. Ltd, Birkirkara, BKR3000

Homemate Co. Ltd. is Malta's largest Home Improvement Centre, based in Mriehel and easily accessible from all locations on the island. Established during 1998, Homemate is built on a total surface area of 3600 square metres. The outlet is split on...More


15 West St, London, E11 4LJ