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Windsor Interiors

Windsor Interiors

The Company initially was founded back in the early fifties by a visionary, Mr. Joseph Galea; where he formed the first company “Windsor Upholstery” at the time a sole trader and saw it through its humble beginnings but that turned into a success and ultimately, became the foundation for founding and the building of several businesses in the Bedding, Soft and Home Furnishings industry

In 1971, a limited liability company was registered and formed under the name of “Windsor Co. Ltd” and a new and professional management team was set-up to be able to adopted and tackle the considerable production expansion the company was experiencing, not only in terms of volume but also as a result of a number of new related products that had been introduced.

Shortly after in 1977, additional investment was provided and a new sister Company formed under the name of “Windsor Interiors Ltd”. This Company moved into a two story showroom and sold products supplied mostly by Windsor Co Ltd and also partnered up with various suppliers, here in Malta and overseas to offer a complete one stop shop. By 1995 Windsor Interiors had been importing Bedroom Furniture and Sitting room suites from Italy to add to its portfolio.

In the year 2002 further expansion saw the opening of another showroom this time in an area which is well known for furniture shopping. Windsor has not stopped there and is constantly looking at ways to assists clients by making it easier to locate the desired product and Services; this is why by 2010 it was already on the net providing an e-commerce’s website for those how wished to do their shopping from home.

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Windsor Interiors Ltd, Mriehel

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